Hubspot - Embedded Form - Add Lead

A reusable HubSpot form widget can be created is used to insert any HubSpot form and alter the "thank you" page destination using variables in ion's Creative Studio. The benefits of this method are the ability to use form completion to trigger advanced logic in HubSpot and the ability to leverage progressive profiling built in HubSpot. This can also be a good solution for companies with strict data security policies who do not want lead form data stored in ion for any period of time. Data stored in the respondent record needs additional development work to be passed along via this method

Step 1

Create Widget

Create a new widget in the Library > Widgets


Example: Hubspot - Embedded Form Widget

Step 2


In place of utilizing a regular ION free flow form you would place the embedded widget.

The form will start displaying after filling in the required settings

  • Portal ID
  • Form ID
  • Next Page


Example: Hubspot - Embedded Form Widget

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