Hubspot - Rest API - Add Lead

Native integration creates/updates contacts directly in your HubSpot contact table. This method often requires less effort to update or expand your integration in the future. However, it won't trigger form processing steps or support creation of segments filtered on form completion, since it does not submit a HubSpot form.

Step 1


Ask the client to setup their credentials to their console you can provide the following URL with the placeholder replaced



Within the Hubspot Category the client needs to create a new entry and Label it and follow the authentication steps.


Example: Hubspot Playbook Credentials

Step 2


Setup the Fieldmapping based on the Worksheet provided by the client. And adjust the form on the right to collect all Fields.


Example: Hubspot - REST API - Add Lead


Recommendation: In order to keep Fieldmappings as flexible as possible only make the e-mail address required. This tends to allow the fieldmapping to be reused with a lot of variations of form in creative.


In order to dispel the concerns of the client. Fields can still be made required in the form in the creative to make sure all data they want is collected.

Step 3


Setup the Integration using the Fieldmapping created in the previous step.

Example: Hubspot - REST API - Add Lead

Step 4


Add the integration trigger. This is usually the submit button on the form. But can be placed anywhere that allows you to add Rules to an action or a Page.

Example: REST API - Add Lead - Submit Button


Recommendation: Add the Mark to re-run integration action before the Run integration action

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